Lauroleic acid: chemical structure, properties, food sources

Lauroleic acid (12 carbon atoms) belongs to the group of unsaturated fatty acids, having one cis double bond, from the methyl end, in omega-3 (ω-3) or n-3 position, so in shorthand is named 12:1n-3. It is also a member of the sub-group called medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) (from 6 to 12 carbon atoms).

Molecular weight: 198.30188 g/mol
Molecular formula: C12H22O2
IUPAC name: (Z)-dodec-9-enoic acid
PubChem: 5312381

Skeletal formula of lauroleic acid, an unsaturated fatty acid

In purified form its boiling point is at 142 °C (287.6 °F; 415.15 K) at 4 mmHg.

9-lauroleic acid
dodec-9-enoic acid
9-dodecenoic acid
9Z-dodecenoic acid

Food sources of lauroleic acid

It occurs as glycerol ester in animal fats like these present in milk and butter.


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