Ingestion of solid, liquid or gel carbohydrates 60 min before exercise

The form of carbohydrates ingested before exercise may have different effects on both metabolism and performance. Moreover, the ingestion of solid foods slows gastric empty, digestion and absorption rates compared with liquid foods and this has a different impact on glycemia. For these reasons, several studies have investigated the effects of the form of carbohydrates on […]

Carbohydrate ingestion 60 min before exercise

Introductory statement An high-carbohydrate diet in the days before exercise, as well as ingestion of meals high in carbohydrate 3-4 h before exercise, better if with low glycemic index, can have positive effects on athlete’s performance. For many years it has been suggested that ingestion of carbohydrates 30-60 min before exercise may adversely affect performance because […]

Carbohydrate loading before competition

Carbohydrate loading and endurance exercise Carbohydrate loading is a good strategy to increase fuel stores in muscles before the start of the competition. What does the muscle “eat” during endurance exercise? Muscle “eats” carbohydrates, in the form of glycogen, stored in the muscles and liver, carbohydrates ingested during the exercise or just before that, and fat. During endurance […]

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