Overweight, physical activity, blood pressure, and hypertension

Overweight, obesity and blood pressure Body weight is a determinant of blood pressure at all age; in fact: it has been estimated that the risk of developing elevated blood pressure is two to six time higher in overweight than in normal-weight individuals; there is a linear correlation between blood pressure and body weight or body […]

How to reduce body fat

CONTENTS Body fat and daily caloric balance Lose body fat and “miracle diets” Body fat and excessive reduction of energy intake Body fat, reduction in energy intake and role of carbohydrates What goes in when carbohydrates goes out? Body fat and the entry in a phase of famine/disease References Body fat and daily caloric balance The […]

Daily protein requirements for athletes

Daily protein requirements and sports It is now accepted by athletes, coaches and athletic trainers that proper diet is one of the cornerstones for achieving better athletic performance. Despite this widely spread assumption, many, even at the highest levels, still believe that an high protein intake is fundamental in the athlete’s diet. This opinion is […]

Body weight: what to do not to increase it

In order to maintain body weight: adjust caloric intake according to consumption In order to maintain your body weight, energy intake with foods must match your individual needs, depending on age, sex and level of physical activity; calories exceeding needs accumulate in form of fat that will deposit in various parts of the body (typically […]

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