Potassium intake, blood pressure and hypertension

Potassium intake and blood pressure High dietary potassium (K+) intakes and blood pressure are inversely related: animal studies, observational epidemiological studies, clinical trials, and meta-analyses of these trials support this. Furthermore, the prevalence of hypertension tends to be lower in populations with high K+ intakes than in those with low intakes. Finally, an increase in potassium intake […]

Sodium: blood pressure, requirements, intake, sources

Sodium and blood pressure A high sodium (Na+) intake (the main source is salt or sodium chloride, NaCl) contributes to blood pressure raise, and hypertension development. Many epidemiologic studies, animal studies, migration studies, clinical trials, and meta-analyses of trials support this, with the final evidence from rigorously controlled, dose-response trials. Furthermore, in primitive society Na+intake is […]

Alkaline diet and health benefits

Alkaline diet and bone health “The acid-ash hypothesis posits that protein and grain foods, with a low potassium intake, produce a diet acid load, net acid excretion, increased urine calcium, and release of calcium from the skeleton, leading to osteoporosis.” (Fenton et al., 2009). Is it true? Calcium, present in bones in form of carbonates […]

Potassium intake and cardiovascular risk factors

Potassium intake and health In a study published on British Medical Journal a research team has conducted a systematic review of the literature and meta-analyses on potassium intake and health in apparently healthy adults and children without renal impairment that might compromise its handling. Eleven cohort studies (127038 participants) reporting all cause mortality, stroke, cardiovascular […]

How to reduce body fat

Contents in brief: Body fat and daily caloric balance Lose body fat and “miracle diets” Body fat and excessive reduction of energy intake Body fat, reduction in energy intake and role of carbohydrates What goes in when carbohydrates goes out? Body fat and the entry in a phase of famine/disease References Body fat and daily caloric […]

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