Lignans: definition, chemical structure, biosynthesis, metabolism, foods

Contents in brief: What are lignans? Chemical structure of lignans Biosynthesis of lignans Metabolism by human gut microbiota Food sources References What are lignans? Lignans are a subgroup of non-flavonoid polyphenols. They are widely distributed in the plant kingdom, being present in more than 55 plant families, where they act as antioxidants and defense molecules […]

Hydroxycinnamic acids: definition, chemical structure, synthesis, foods

Contents in brief: What are hydroxycinnamic acids? Chemical structure of hydroxycinnamic acids Biosynthesis of hydroxycinnamic acids The main hydroxycinnamic acids in foods Caffeic acid Ferulic acid Sinapic acid p-Coumaric acid References What are hydroxycinnamic acids? Hydroxycinnamic acids or hydroxycinnamates are phenolic compounds belonging to non-flavonoid polyphenols. They are present in all parts of fruits and […]

Polyphenols in grapes and wine: chemical composition and biological activities

Contents in brief: What are polyphenols in grapes and wine? Anthocyanins Flavanols or catechins Proanthocyanidins or condensed tannins Flavonols Hydroxycinnamates Stilbenes Hydroxybenzoates References The consumption of grapes and grape-derived products, particularly red wine but only at meals, has been associated with numerous health benefits, which include, in addition to the antioxidant/antiradical effect, also anti-inflammatory, cardioprotective, […]

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