Weight loss and green tea: myth and legend

Green tea: a fat burning food for weight loss? In the phase of weight loss, as during weight maintenance, it is important to maintain as constant as possible the daily energy expenditure. Indeed, daily caloric consumption usually decreases during weight loss. Since the 90s of last century, it has been proposed that green tea, thanks […]

Overweight, physical activity, blood pressure, and hypertension

Overweight, obesity and blood pressure Body weight is a determinant of blood pressure at all age; in fact: it has been estimated that the risk of developing elevated blood pressure is two to six time higher in overweight than in normal-weight individuals; there is a linear correlation between blood pressure and body weight or body […]

Green tea benefits for health

Benefits of green tea: science and myths Tea drinking, particularly green tea, has always been associated, at least in East Asia cultures (mainly in China and Japan) with health benefits. Only recently, the scientific community has begun to study the health benefits of tea consumption, recognizing its preventive value in many diseases. Green tea benefits […]

Body weight: what to do not to increase it

In order to maintain body weight: adjust caloric intake according to consumption In order to maintain your body weight, energy intake with foods must match your individual needs, depending on age, sex and level of physical activity; calories exceeding needs accumulate in form of fat that will deposit in various parts of the body (typically […]

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