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Nicola Tazzini, MS in Biology Sciences

Doctor Tazzini graduated “Summa cum Laude” at the University of Pisa on Nov. 11th, 1996 after 1½ year, carried out in the laboratory of Biochemistry of the Department of Biochemistry and Physiology of the Faculty of Natural, Physical and Mathematical Sciences.
The subject of his thesis was “Studies about the mechanism of cytotoxicity of the combination of deoxyadenosine and deoxycoformicine on a cell line derived from a human colon carcinoma”.
He registered as a Biologist at the University of Pisa on May 10th, 1998.
He specialized “Summa cum Laude” in “Biochemistry and Clinical Chemistry” on Oct. 30th, 2001 at the Department of Biological Chemistry of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Parma.
The subject of his thesis was: “Analyses of ematochemical, enzymatic and non-enzymatic parameters with antioxidant activity in young professional athletes”.He has started his activity of Nutritionist on Feb. 02nd, 2002.

He attended the following courses related to the activity of Nutritionist before the introduction of the prescribing rules of Continuing Medical Education (C.M.E.)
a Pasta in human nutrition. Ancona; Oct. 2000
b Course of forming and updating in nutrition and health: roll of Biologist. Pisa; Dec. 2000
b Elements of nutrition. Pisa; Dec. 2001He attended the following courses related to the activity of Nutritionist after the introduction of the prescribing rules of C.M.E.
a Nutrition as healthy factors, professional update. Sassone di Ciampino, Roma; Nov. 2002
a Nutrition as healthy factors- first part. Sassone di Ciampino, Roma; Nov. 2003
a Nutrition as healthy factors- second part. Sassone di Ciampino, Roma; Feb. 2004
a Nutrition in childhood. Sassone di Ciampino, Roma; May 2004
a Sport activity, growth and correct nutrition. Sassone di Ciampino, Roma; May 2004
c Nutrition and tumor. Lucca; Jun. 2004
d Doping: guidelines and diagnostic assessments: legal, biochemical, medical and toxicological aspects”. Lucca; May. 2005
a Nutrition in the third age: nutritional issues and proper nutritional habits.  Roma, Jun. 2005
e Technical  legislation evolution and ethics in development of the profession. Pisa Sept. 2005
f Sport and nutrition. Firenze, March 2006
e Nutrition and prevention: choose to stay healthy. Cecina (LI), March 2006
f Pathology nutrition and legislation aspects. Firenze, Jul. 2006
e Nutrition: guidelines. Pisa, Nov. 2006
e Nutrition topics: food as welfare tool: physiological and pathological balance factors. Pisa, Nov. 2007
e Outdoor and indoor environment. Resources and balances. Genova, 17 May 2008
e Biologist’profession in the current technical legislation evolution. Genova, 20 Sept. 2008
e Prevention of childhood obesity: nutritional strategies from pregnancy to school age. Pisa, 27 Sept. 2008
g Nutrition, the cornerstone. Nutritional and health needs in the era of the genome. Firenze, 11-12 Dec. 2009
e The evolution of food safety. Carrara (MS), 27 Feb. 2010
b, e Food safety and correct nutrition. Pisa, 8 May 2010
h Role of coffee in physiological and pathological states. Florence, 24 Sept. 2011

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b Set up by A.S.B. – Pisa (Associazione Scientifica Biologi Pisa)
c Set up by PLANNING congressi s.r.l.
d Set up by Restless Architech of Human Possibilities s.a.s.
e Set up by Ordine Nazionale dei Biologi
f Set up by Syntonie
g Set up by S.I.N.U.
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