Christmas holidays, a danger for our figures?

If the situation eludes our control it is possible, indeed probable!
Only a few stubborn people will be able to lose weight in this period; instead for “all of us” a good result will be “damage limitation” and we succeed in doing so only if we will not fill our homes to the brim with dainties which we can’t resist (we are putting enemies in our home!); Pandori, Panettone, chocolate, dried fruit, cured meats etc. etc. that will put us through the mill for weeks and weeks and in the end they’ll win……

Except Christmas Eve and Christmas dinner, however, where it is not advisable to exceed, in the remaining holidays we should attempt to eat as healthy as possible meanwhile keeping a good level of physical activity.

In fact it is good practice to remember that we don’t increase our weight from Christmas day to St. Stephen’s day but from St. Stephen’s Day to Christmas day.

Happy Christmas to you all!


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